Monday, 20 February 2012


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 Do your YouTube videos freeze
in full screen or other web videos 
it,s  a free download. 
after you set it up restart your browser.
Works a treat :) 

Post your link free.
The best guide for all live sports
I use it all the time for live sports streams :)
Good site for sports and movies

UK Freeview TV Channels to watch

Send free texts Readon Tv free download watch  1000,s of tv channels from around the world.
here,s the link (Warning does contain some adult channels)

Shrink URLs. Cloak URLs. Rotate URLs.
Shrink URLs - Make long URLs short!
Track URLs - Count hits received to your URLs!
Cloak URLs - Hide your original affiliate url in the address bar!
Rotate URLs - Create upto 10 Free URL Rotator!

Free site for tv and films, sports channels like sky sports espn,from a variety of different countries.
Its all free :)      
Don,t join any sites owned by Michael Pratt they are most probably scam sites.
Read more here:-  loads of movies ,shows and sport  

Check for scam sites

Here is a list of active scam sites  
Fast2Earn   is a SCAM, you get to $50 and they stop counting views as unique.
readbud  is a SCAM,you get close to $ 50 and you don,t get any ads to view.
Free popup blocker
CleanMyPC Free PopUp Blocker 2.10 
when installing go to advanced install and tick the 2 boxes or you will install the AVG antivirus as well.

Analysis details
Antivirus (30) Result

Kaspersky Virus freeVirus free
McAfee Virus freeVirus free
Symantec Virus freeVirus free
Avast Virus freeVirus free
AVG Virus freeVirus free
Avira Virus freeVirus free
Eset Virus freeVirus free
Panda Virus freeVirus free
BitDefender Virus freeVirus free
TrendMicro Virus freeVirus free


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